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Prior to any Halal product and/or facility approvals, ISA's Halal QA Team considers all aspects of products in their raw and finished states and regularly performs onsite Halal inspection audits at manufacturer production and storage facilities to confirm their production process flow charts match the actual practices including sanitation, HACCP records, pest control and Halal and other standard facility safety related records. 

Bakery and Food Processing  

Halal Bakery and Food Processing certification involves careful analysis to ensure Halal compliance.  There are many products used that must be investigated for Halal compliance.  For example, L- Cysteine is an amino acid used as a dough conditioner and is often sourced from duck feathers or human hair.  There are synthetic versions as an alternative source for L-Cysteine.  Other examples are various shortenings from animal sources like lard.  Colors like E120 are food colorings that come from insects. 


bakery and processed food


ISA reviews ingredients and sub ingredients for all consumable and non-consumable products to determine their source of origin (animal, plant, mineral, microbial or synthetic) as well the processes and processing aids used in their production.  In food processing, there are emulsifiers and enzymes like rennet and various cultures.