Make up

Halal Makeup

How can I tell if my makeup is Halal?

Looking for a Halal logo on product packaging is the first step to know the Halal status of cosmetics and any health and beauty goods.  Islamic Services of America (ISA) can help consumers distinguish permissible products businesses get Halal certified in this regard.  However, if you want to get into the nitty gritty of the ingredients, here are the ones to avoid:

  • Carmine
    A red pigment derived from Cochineal (crushed beetles)
  • Keratin
    A popular ingredient in hair care, but it’s a natural protein often derived from animals
  • Oleic Acid, Lanolin alcohol and gelatin
    All three ingredients are derived from animal matter
  • Animal fat
    Glycerin is often obtained from pork fat (which is haram), as is stearic acid

Health and Beauty

Hair coloring, lipsticks, eye shadows, lotions, shampoo, gels, deodorants and baby products can contain ingredients derived from animals.  These include different fats, collagen, blood, and blood by-products. Islamic Services of America obtains the list of ingredients from the producer and investigates the source and methods of production.  More and more Muslim consumers are seeking information about ingredients in various products.  Health and beauty product manufacturers can benefit from Halal certification, as it assures their customers that prohibited ingredients are not used in their products.  This greatly expands the market both domestically and internationally.  Therefore, experienced Halal certifiers like ISA can be an asset for both Halal beauty consumers and producers / manufacturers.

Halal lipstick

Halal health and beauty products refer to products manufactured, produced, and comprised of ingredients that are "permissible" under Islamic law.  As the Muslim population grows, more and more people are searching for Halal alternatives to common cosmetics and personal-hygiene products.  With the Halal cosmetics market gaining traction globally, many long-ignored beauty consumers may finally be able to easily follow their lifestyle choices.