Grazing cows

Muslim Slaughtered – the slaughtering process must be conducted by a practicing Muslim who is of sound mind and who has the explicit intention of performing a slaughter. The person doing the slaughter is clearly instructed in Islam to “Slaughter with mercy and slaughter swiftly.” 

At ISA, we only accept capable Muslim slaughtermen to further our Halal certification process. We take a committed hard line approach and do not compromise. In the end, we understand our accountability to Allah SWT, our creator. 

 The person who is slaughtering must make the intention of performing the slaughter and then must recite “Tasmia” which is typically “Bismillah and Allahu Akbar” or “In the name of Allah and Allah is Greatest”.  This must be done out loud during the slaughter.   

 ISA only accepts Halal methods that follow Shariah in its purest form. It is important for Muslims to know the difference.  When we say it is halal, it is halal based on the Islamic understanding of what is behind the meat. That means no tolerance for deviance in the form of “Tasmia” by tape recorder, phone, or by driving around the processing facility.

Halal beef and french fries served with tomatoes

Meat & Poultry 

Islamic Services of America ensures that Halal slaughter methods, according to Shariah Law, are employed during beef and poultry slaughters while under standard USDA supervision. 

At Islamic Services of America (ISA), we take pride in being the oldest and most well-known US Halal Certifier in the world. For over 40 years, we have employed the most stringent standards to ensure that food, pharmaceutical, health and beauty, ingredients and other products are without doubt Shariah compliant. This has earned us the trust of Muslims in the Middle East, SE Asia, North America and beyond.

Different animals and poultry

With regards to the Halal Process, let’s take for example the most well-known and sought-after halal product – Meat. Any meat that bears Halal designation must be qualified by a few basic principles,  

  Animal Welfare – this has been a part of Islam long before animal rights activists began lobbying for humane slaughtering methods. In Islam, farmers are instructed to feed animals proper diets and to treat them humanely. We do not slaughter ‘pen raised’ cattle. The cattle must be able to graze in a pasture occasionally. 

Before we Halal slaughter an animal/bird we should keep in mind:

  • Mercy should be practiced from beginning till end

  • Knife must be sharpened so the animal does not feel prolonged pain

  • The slaughter can not be performed in front of other animals

  • Tasmia must be recited

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